We are SoundAI

Soundai was founded in May 2016, with far-field acousto-optic fusion and language understanding and translation technology as the core, using soundai one element basic development framework (soundai) Azero) builds a smart digital world, provides intelligent terminals, skills development and platform services of "end edge cloud" integration, and is committed to promoting the interconnection and collaborative decision-making of man-machine and material, realizing the mission of "making machines more intelligent" and achieving the vision of "improving life with science and technology". By cooperating with more than 300 well-known hospitals, serving more than 500 well-known customers, connecting more than 20 million intelligent terminals and more than 50 million individual users, sonic is committed to continuously improving the efficiency of urban governance, ensuring public health, and releasing users' personalized experience.

With the investment of Fengrui capital, Baidu company, Yida capital, China CITIC construction investment and Tsinghua Muhua, the core team of sonic intelligence is from the Institute of acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has jointly built a joint laboratory of artificial intelligence with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Jianzhu University and Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. It has won one Beijing Science and technology progress award, initiated and participated in more than 20 national industry standards, and obtained more than 200 honorary qualifications and more than 1000 awards This is an intellectual property right. Shengzhi is the first in the innovation list of artificial intelligence perception layer. It is a small giant enterprise "specialized and new" by the state and Beijing, an artificial intelligence enterprise with outstanding anti epidemic contribution commended by the Ministry of industry and information technology, a national high-tech and "double soft" technology enterprise, a Zhongguancun cutting-edge technology and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, a Beijing Intellectual Property pilot unit, a top 100 enterprise of artificial intelligence intellectual property and a top 100 enterprise of artificial intelligence They are also directors and members of China computer society, China acoustic society, China artificial intelligence society, China electronic sound industry association, China e-commerce, China artificial intelligence industry development alliance, China smart home alliance and Zhongguancun Beijing enterprise ladder technology innovation alliance, as well as arm, NVIDIA and RISC- 5. Bosch, Baidu and other member units of the alliance.


Commendation list of enterprises with outstanding anti-epidemic performance of MIIT
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2020 "new infrastructure" industry unicorn TOP100
CSDN AI Excellent Case Practice Award TOP30
Enterprise with outstanding contributions to 2019-nCoV prevention and control (hospital construction services)
Information disclosure [AI voice elevator] service for doctors and patients of Haidian District Government is well received
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Information Technology Application and Innovation Working Committee
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「2019-2020 AI best employer」 Top5 -NLP
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Deloitte·2019 China Rising Star
2019 Haidian High-tech, High-Growth 20
2019 TOP100 AI enterprises
The " top 100" list of China's science and technology innovative enterprises of Ifenxi
Top 50 China's AI startups of QbitAI
Governing unit of China electronic and audio industry association
TOP100 AI enterprises award annual
Governing unit of CSHIA
China venture-investment golden eagle award annual scientific and innovative enterprises
Governing unit of China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent Connected Vegicles
Member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence2019-7
TOP50 Top of Financing China's 2018-2019 most commercial value enterprise dark horse list
OFweek2019 China AI Innovation Award
2019 TOP100 of AI enterprises in growth
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TOP50 of 5G new economic industry unicorn
Member of China Computer Federation
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2018 TOP 100 most valuable AI business
2017 China's Innovation pioneer
Jiaziguangnian 100 AI companies about to impact in the commercial gravity field
First party of Baidu AI accelerator
Bosch PNP AI in Auto Accelarator
Member of Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise
Member of AIIA
Top 100 China's AI business to be born
Top 30 China's enterprises in the industrial service
Dark Horse & Black Intelligence China AI quasi-unicorn list (summer list)
2017 Zhongguancun lead-innovation financial top 30
"top 50 companies with the most investment value" of information center of Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology & eurovision think tank "future · influence" China innovation list and "top 50 companies with the most development potential"
2018 top 20 of AI new energy of NBI summer innovative summit
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NewSeed top 50 with the most investment value in China
GCI Innovation award
Top 10 innovative AI products
Top10 2017-2018 Top10 of the "AI+ healthcare" leading enterprises
Excellent product award of the 20th China international high-tech fair
Top 50 Chinese AI Innovative Enterprises
Top 50 Chinese enterprises in industrial service and innovative growth
Member of Beijing zhongguancun high-tech enterprise association
Managing director unit of artificial intelligence committee of China Electronic Chamber Of Commerce
Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise
2017 Top 50 AI innovation companies
2017 China AI industry leader award
The most growth companies of 2017
Member of the ARM AI ecological alliance
2016 The Top 50 most commercially valuable AI companies
Third party of Arm Accelerator Camp
Member of the ARM AI ecological alliance
2017 The growth list of Xinzhizao
Director of zhongguancun frontier technology and industrial service alliance
China's new economic leader in 2017
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The TOP100 AI projects of most investing value of China
TOP50 AI innovation companiesintrepreneurship competition of 2016
TOP50 Chinese AI startups
Second prize in the second zhongguancun "Internet +"


As one of the world's most eye-catching artificial intelligence start-ups, SoundAI possesses the industry's top team of integrated algorithms, software, hardware, chips and cloud architecture and platform service capability, more than 60% of staffs are masters or doctors. Core team members include from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Communication University of China, MIT, and business elites from Google, Broadcom, Dolby, Tencent, Baidu, etc. SoundAI possesses high-end talents such as Zhongguancun leading talents, Forbes Asia 30U30 Youth Leader, Forbes China 30U30 Youth Leader, Hurun China 30U30 Entrepreneurial Leader and so on, as well as commissioners and members of IEEE, ACM, ASA, AES, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, The Acoustical Society of China, and China Computer Federation.



Making Machines more Intelligent


Making lives better with technology


Customer First | Sincerity and Dedication | Care and Collaboration | Far-sighted and Studious | Exploitation and Innovation | Optimistic and Motivated


  • In may,Founded in Beijing

    n September, released the first generation of microphone array kit and China’s first intelligent speaker development kit for far-field speech interaction

  • Selected as Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise , Zhongguancun cutting-edge technology enterprise and council member of ATECH

    Introduced SoundAI Azero AI OS, released FPGA far-field speech interaction development board together with Xilinx and Cypress, supported the release of Baidu SoundPi development platform, and supported the release of MI smart speaker

  • Selected as a national high-tech enterprise

    Initiated a new phase in R&D of the microphone array chip and SoundAI Azero AI OS,Provide technology and solutions to well-known customers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, etc.

  • Focused on the technology R&D of SoundAIAzero intelligent operating system, implemented richer consumer electronics and industry application solutions and deeply explored the application scenarios of intelligent security, intelligent marketing, intelligent home, intelligent in-vehicle and intelligent medical treatment.

  • In the face of the outbreak, SoundAI was the first company in China that launched a zero-contact AI elevator system and an AI digital human infrared temperature measurement system, which was commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and reported by CCTV, People's Daily and other media

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