AI elevator
Combined with artificial intelligence technologies such as voice recognition, face recognition, and gesture recognition to realize non-contact elevator riding, improve the elevator riding experience, and help epidemic prevention and control
Electric vehicle stop ladder
Using the in-depth image recognition algorithm to effectively identify electric vehicles, and remind the offenders through sound and light linkage, which can realize local block ladders and linkage block ladders
Smart elevator management system
Based on the elevator networking, combined with machine vision analysis, big data and other technologies, it realizes the elevator operation environment, operation status, elevator behavior, daily management, Multi-dimensional and full digital dynamic management such as the maintenance process
Smart elevator integrated supervision platform
With the design concept of dynamic supervision, active warning, on-demand maintenance, everyone’s participation, and joint co-governance, to create urban elevator data integration and establishment Elevator health records and evaluation system are the goal, inject new ideas into government supervision, and give full play to the functions of supervision and service
Working principle
Smart detection
Based on the deep learning algorithm, it can accurately identify all kinds of vehicles entering the elevator, and the recognition accuracy is as high as 98% or more.
Linked alarm
After the detection event is triggered, a white light and sound alarm will be issued, and a safety warning will be issued as soon as possible.
Car door control
The system identification algorithm determines whether there is an electric vehicle in the elevator, and chooses to control the opening and closing of the door.
masking alarm
It can identify and alarm illegally blocked camera equipment, and effectively manage the normal operation of the ladder equipment.
Integrate artificial intelligence technologies such as voice recognition, face recognition, and image recognition to realize voice call, autonomous recognition of elevator riding behavior in elevator scenes, electric vehicles Various functions such as ladder blocking
The accuracy of voice interaction is greater than 95%, and the accuracy of electric vehicle recognition is greater than 98%
Using the Internet of Things technology to intelligently upgrade the traditional elevator, and the open product architecture is compatible with all brands and models of elevators
Equipment module installation, construction changes are few, convenient and fast, and does not affect residents’ elevator demand and traffic order
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