AI Office Screen

Featured Functions

Multi-party Audio and Video Conference

Support multi-party online and one-sentence to open audio and video conference

Secure IP Call

Support private cloud VoIP, address book and contact management, voice calling

AI intelligent Desk Calendar

One sentence to complete the addition, deletion, change and query of the agenda and break through the original collaborative office system

Office Intelligent Assistant

Customize the office question answering system to help employees quickly solve daily problems

Conference Assignment

Support the conference sound recording, video recording and transcription for the conference data storage

Intelligent Conference Room

Speech controlled conference room IoT hardware and personalized intelligent scenarios


  • Omnidirectional Dual Array Microphone

    Far field array dual microphone and more sensitive pickup; manual physical switch to actively turn off the microphone

  • HD Smooth Conference Experience

    High-fidelity voice restoration and HD image to ensure smooth conference under weak network

  • Intelligent Audio and Video Noise Reduction

    Advanced algorithm model and robust noise reduction to eliminate ambient noise and keyboard sound

  • Smooth Intelligent Speed Interaction

    No fear of environmental interference, precise ASR, gracious natural and speech synthesis to meet accurate questions and answers of users

  • Easy and Fast Operation

    Convenient voice control, one-sentence appointment and conference initiation to make collaboration more efficient

  • High-speed and Stable Wireless Connection

    Low-power Bluetooth 4.2 connected to Bluetooth headset

  • Scream Suppression

    Leading scream suppression, creating an extremely clear and smooth speech experience

  • Multi-end Collaboration

    Device end, mobile end and PC end access anytime and anywhere

Solutions for Your Business

Enterprise Conference

One-key conferencing and flexible expansion to improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise conference

Wisdom Classroom

Remote online, providing a focused and interactive teaching atmosphere

Remote Interview

HD audio and video call effect to make exchange unlimited

Financial Affairs

Timely response to service consultation

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AI Medical Screen

Featured Functions

Online Remote Interrogation

Support online audio and video calls/meetings, support remote interrogation by medical staff and apply to suspected patients to reduce the risk of contact infection

Health Management and Early Warning

Provide health management tips and early warnings based on the basic patient information, related symptoms and signs to help patients known their physical conditions in time

Health Quiz

Built-in authoritative medical knowledge base to support intelligent voice interaction, provide authoritative and accurate, rich and comprehensive, popular and easy-to-understand health science knowledge without advertisements

Chronic Disease Management and Monitoring

Patients can upload health data through the intelligent screen and timely record and report the temperature monitoring reminder and physical condition data. It can be used for remote chronic disease management and monitoring


  • Easy to Use

    Built-in Azero intelligent system for automatic management of the whole process of data preparation, feature engineering, application launch and model self-learning and automatic selection of the optimal algorithm

  • Rich Capability Components

    Provide the intelligent capability components such as intelligent forecast and early warning, decision analysis, intelligent visual perception and image search, intelligent semantic comprehension and cognitive reasoning for easy health service modeling

  • Function Customization

    Provide intelligent auxiliary diagnosis, health management and early warning, personalized health knowledge quiz and other functions, and carry out customized model training and continuous optimization based on specific diseases

  • Stable Application Operation

    The intelligent hardware can run with high performance and high reliability; the intelligent applications can be extended according to the business volume while interacting with existing applications

Solutions for Your Business

Medical Industry

Hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention, etc., especially suitable for isolation wards

Business Office

Office buildings and other places

Office Hall

Medical institutions and community hospitals

Family Health

For daily family chronic care management

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