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Large Screen Speech Dispatching

Conduct large screen command dispatching through the voice command to achieve hands-free and convenient and fast interface switching

Far-field Speech Recognition

The accurate far-field speech recognition algorithm is suitable for the open large screen command and control center and can accurately recognize voice commands

Virtual Digital Human

The large screen can display the virtual digital human image for man-machine interaction, making the machine more intelligent, more humanized and solving the boring work

AI Product

The system is equipped with Azero OS through the mature microphone array hardware to achieve the intelligent upgrade of the large screen available


  • Omni-directional Speech Control

    Support the speed control of all dispatch and command commands of the large screen system and achieve quick and convenient response

  • Quick and Easy Deployment

    The mature module adopted by the system is of plug and play and intelligent upgrade without changing the original system

  • Accurate Speech Interaction

    Adapt to different generalized voice commands, and support multiple languages and dialects

  • Convenient Maintenance Management

    Convenient and simple background maintenance management interface, support for subsequent expansion

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