Featured Functions

Contactless High-accuracy Temperature Measurement

Significantly improve the temperature measurement accuracy combined with the face detection technology and pass the certification of Beijing Institute of Metrology. Temperature measurement error ±0.2℃

Real-time Alarm of Abnormal Body Temperature

Real-time alarm of abnormal detection results, face capture record saving, temperature measurement record export, easy to trace and trace

Multi-device Networking and Linkage

Support multi-device networking and joint control at joint control points, and real-time alarm of central control room of abnormal detection results, significantly reduce the labor cost and meet the normalized body temperature screening requirements

Voice Call Function

Support point-to-point voice calls in the central control room and temperature measurement screen, quickly understand the scene in the central control room and timely discourage abnormal personnel


  • High Accuracy

    The measurement accuracy is generally increased by ±0.2 degree without black body, and increased by ±0.1 degree in the better environment

  • Normalized Body Temperature Monitoring

    Support installation and deployment without occupying too much space and meet the normalized body temperature screening requirements

  • Support Internal Network Deployment

    Achieve the voice broadcast and voice call function without Internet and meet internal network rapid deployment requirements

  • Friendly Interaction of AI Digital Human

    Carry SoundAI AI digital human technology to achieve real-time broadcast of temperature measurement technology by the digital human and bring more natural human-computer interaction to users

Solutions for Your Business

Medical Industry

Assist in rapid screening in front desks of hospitals, medical institutions, etc

Security Check in Public Places

Security screening in schools, airports, subways, railway stations, passenger stations and other public transport places

Commercial Building for Office

Contactless body temperature screening for office buildings and other commercial office areas


Health examination in schools, residential areas, shopping malls, supermarkets and other daily living places

Successful cases

NPC administrative office building
Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone
Jiangmen Semiconductor Industrial Park
Sichuan Veterans Affairs Office
Suzhou Industrial Park
Beijing Wangjing SOHO
State Grid Anhui
Qingdao International Convention Center
Qingdao Science and Technology Information Research Institute
Qingdao Industrial Service Park
Shenzhen Ecological Science Park
Yongda International Tower
InterContinental Qingdao
Crowne Plaza
Holiday Inn
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