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Real-time Transcription

Standard mandarin recognition rate no less than 98% and English recognition rate no less than 90%

Quick Transcription of Recording

1h recording and 15min drafting

Audio Listen Back

Listen back any position through the progress bar

Hot Word Optimization

Customize the addition of hot words, recognize and optimize the proper nouns

Quick Edit

Support various editing operations with word and phonetic correspondence during and after conference

Modal Particle Filtering

Interjection and modal particle filtering, written text and smoother sentences

Taboo Term Blocking

Automatically block preset taboo terms


  • Super Compatibility

    Flexible combination of multiple intelligent modules and strong business support capability

  • One-stop Service

    Support the format requirements of manuscripts and letters, make edit adjustment and one-stop solve the problems in the conference

  • Security Guarantee

    Whole-process encryption, offline transcription and effective protection of customer privacy

  • Far-field Noise Reduction Recognition

    Based on the world's leading far-field noise reduction recognition technology of SoundAI, the sound pickup ranges of 3-5m at normal volume, allowing easy recording of speeches, training and conference

  • Chinese and English Recognition

    Support mixed recognition of Chinese and English based on a large amount of expected and targeted data enhancement training in Both Chinese and English

  • Role Separation

    Achieve the role separation under the meeting scenario using the signal processing technology and voiceprint technology

  • Smart Microphone

    Easy recognition in noisy scenarios combined with the smart microphone of SoundAI

  • Security

    Pure offline speech recognition engine, local data saving without networking to ensure security

  • Portability

    Conference transcription, two-way use of notebook, ultra thin design, strong performance and easy to carry

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