Featured Functions

Outbound Massive Tasks

Self-help active outbound and multi-threaded work to contact hundreds of customers simultaneously

Natural and Fluent Speech Interaction

Ultrahigh ASR rate, speech synthesis timbre and no difference from real dialogue

Intelligent Rhetorical Question of Semantic Comprehension

Latest semantic comprehension technology to accurately understand customer information and to ask or answer specific questions

Synchronous Recording of Detailed Data

Real-time speech transcription, recording and storage of customer information when completing the call task

Intelligent Interruption of Conversation

Can be interrupted at any time and continue to listen during the customer communication to ensure smooth communication

Silent Sound Recognition

Recognize the silent sound in real time during the call and make targeted response

Context Linkage

Record the contextual data and make targeted response when calling customers

Conversational Interaction Strategy

Make complex multi-round conversations with customers, and have the ability to customize the dialogue interaction strategy

Featured Functions

  • Fluent and Natural Speech Interaction

    Ultrahigh ASR accuracy, intelligent semantic brain and gracious and natural synthetic voice to answer fluently ever changing questions of customers

  • Intelligent Speech Interrupt

    During the call, the virtual employee can be interrupted at any time according to the user's intention to ensure the user's call experience and provide a smooth communication effect comparable to that of real people

  • More Efficient Service Efficiency

    A large number of simultaneously concurrent outbound tasks and handle tens of thousands of outbound tasks a day

  • Simple and Flexible Strategy Maintenance

    Edit the outbound strategy according to the actual customer requirements, support visual process editing and provide simple and flexible background operation easy to learn and master

  • High System Usability

    The system business process can be adjusted at any time according to the business characteristics, flexible and convenient, with good expansibility

  • Intelligent Monitoring Analysis

    Count the outbound results through big data analysis, obtain the user’s will and listen in real time, directly switch to manual service in case of exception to ensure smooth call

Solutions for Your Business

Telemarketing Outbound

Customize standardized verbal trick to help sales improve the order conversion rate

Call Outbound

Automatic loop call, with immediate effect at any time

Return Visit Outbound

Accurately identify the user's intention to improve the efficiency of return visit

Notice Outbound

Comparable to human voice, easy to accept, timely notification feedback

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