Our Solutions

Customized Virtual Anchor

GUI+VUI interactive experience, virtual digital anchor comparable to real person, accurate ASR, natural speech synthesis, matched labial sound and smooth coordination

Multilingual Broadcasting

Support more than 200 languages, such as Chinese, English, Japanese and French, with international style of virtual anchor

Voice Customization

Advanced speech synthesis technology, natural and smooth sound experience, and exclusive personalized voice library customized for the image

Real-time TTS

Quickly convert the text content into virtual anchor video by one key and realize the real-time automatic broadcast of text content by virtual image


  • Flexible and Personalized Customization

    Support the customization of tone, image and language, with the virtual portrait comparable to real person, matched labial sound, natural facial expression, smooth and coordinated body movements, and support customization of 2D, 3D or real image according to the users’ scenario requirements

  • Extremely High Cost-effective Service

    Users can carry out voice query and Q&A according to their needs and realize direct convenient operation by one sentence in the complex multilevel menu. The solution supports the rapid implementation, which effectively reduces the cost and improves the service efficiency

  • Smooth Intelligent Speech interaction

    Precise ASR can meet the user demands, and the gracious speech synthesis is natural and smooth, so as to achieve accurate Q&A of users, and switch freely between listening and speaking and provide new interactive experience with high quality

  • Extensive Applicable Scenarios

    Have the knowledge base of finance, medical treatment, tourism, government and enterprise, education and other industries, and support the private backstage management and maintenance to meet the needs of users in all walks of life

Solutions for Your Business

Virtual Anchor

News media platforms, live streaming platforms and other anchors, real-time news broadcasting and real-time interaction with fans

Big Screen Interaction

Apply to the intelligent city, government office, information management, public service and other scenarios, assist in government decision-making and business process optimization and improve the service experience for the benefit of enterprises and people

Virtual Customer Service

Search solutions quickly for customers instead of the banking and financial institutions, business offices and other staff services and summarize requirement optimization services

Guide Explanation

Provide services instead of traditional artificial guide and electronic audio guide and have access to the scenic spot information guide, consultation and other services on the mobile APP to increase users' willingness to pay

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