Featured Function

Distributed IoT central control platform

Covering the Internet of everything under the off-line, ad-hoc network scenario

Big Data Intelligent Analysis and Operation System

Detailed, accurate and real-time platform information display

AI Elevator

Intelligent upgrade of existing elevators to achieve contactless speech control and support face recognition, digital human interaction, intelligent security monitoring, intelligent rescue and other functions

Intelligent Temperature Measurement

Contactless and senseless high-flux infrared temperature measurement system, digital human stand guard instead of manual stand guard, intelligent capture and alarm of abnormal temperature to ensure efficient and safe passage

Intelligent Robot

Provide delivery robots, patrol robots, and welcome robots, etc., which can be connected with the park gate and elevator, so as to facilitate the users and management of the park

Smart Parking

Create customers' own "simple parking", small program fees, non-inductive access; parking spaces can be designated and leased; expand the new mode of property operation

Intelligent Material and Property Management

Build a property management information platform, realize community data interconnection and parallel business, and provide intelligent property services

Intelligent Operation

Make unified management of people and things in the park, carry out activities, notification and propaganda, divert merchants, establish a unified payment platform and create the park revenue

Big Data Monitoring

Improve the macro decision-making ability of the park management personnel by means of the basic information resource data warehouse of the park and achieve intelligent park management

Active Security

Upgrade from passive security to active security through face recognition intelligent algorithm and electronic boundary management

SaaS Micro Services

Unified entry of super applets, low cost, fast replication, timely service response and free application update


  • Product Linkage

    A variety of intelligent terminal devices and distributed intelligent IoC middleground break through the service backgrounds to achieve the integrated management and control of people, vehicles, materials and office in the park

  • Data Fusion

    Gather and integrate various sensing data in the park to realize data value mining and sharing

  • Business Collaboration

    The platform-based management can get through the business system, cross-regional connection and collaboration, and realize the integration, system and sharing of capabilities

  • Social Governance

    Connect with relevant government departments, realize unified supervision of speech, image and other forms of data, and comprehensively improve the regional and even the whole city's social governance and service capabilities

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