Featured Function

Far-field Speech Interaction

Dual-MIC array, support online and offline voice control and form speech interactive smart home with the guide rail relay and WiFi infrared converter box

IoT Control

Support single control of lighting, air conditioning, floor heating, curtains, fresh air and other devices, as well as scenario linkage control of multiple devices

Skill Customization

Support rapid access to different types of IoT devices and customized development of personalized skills to quickly meet the personalized needs of different users and industry groups

Sensitive Operation

720P full screen and quick response to gesture and voice actions


  • Omnidirectional Control

    Optional 2.4G module and Zigbee module to support synchronous operation of mobile APP

  • Intelligent Scenization Settings

    Customize the control interface and control mode, support reserved temperature and humidity sensor group and reserved night light reminder

  • Strong Applicability

    110V~240V power supply, built-in 4-way relay and wireless networking without bus configuration

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Standard 86 panel bottom cover, support of 485, CanBus, KNX bus and WiFi access, simple construction to realize guide relay control of home equipment

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