• Active Noise Reduction

    External noise can be eliminated to 28dB with an effective noise reduction frequency of 20HZ-2000Hz; more excellent sound field balance technology and high reduction of the remote voice

  • Smart Dual Microphone Noise Reduction

    The headset is equipped with two microphones. The main microphone is of moving coil type and the secondary microphone is of electret type. The correlation between the two microphones is used to effectively remove the non-stationary noise in the surrounding environment; meanwhile, the deep learning algorithm is introduced to model the specific noises (wind noise, ship engine noise, aircraft engine noise, etc.), so as to eliminate these noises pertinently and effectively improve the intelligibility of speech under complex acoustic environment

  • High Resistance to Impact

    The 3mm thick high-strength plastic ABS+PC+ glass fiber shell is very hard and highly resistant to high temperature and impact. Compared with traditional headsets with metal, it is lighter in weight, more comfortable to wear and can be used for a long time

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