Business Challenges

Driving Safety

A lot of Demand Scenarios Need to be Developed

Application Scenario Fragmentation

Incoherent User Experience

Featured functions

On-board Multi-register Speech Control

Intelligently identify the passenger position, distinguish the wake-up source, accurately execute the speech commands, meet the needs of each passenger through the speech and provide more convenient and free vehicle speech interaction experience

Intelligent In-vehicle AI Speech Operations

Provide integrated application demonstration and make the driving safer through road condition query, content search, intelligent communication and in-vehicle status query by speed interaction without the need for touch screen

Smart Noise-canceling Headset

The low-power and high-performance multifunctional tactical headset integrates the active noise reduction, dual mic voice enhancement and intelligent detection of environmental noise to achieve clear and reliable communication and protect users from sustained aircraft noise and pulsed aircraft noise in any noisy environment (wind noise, ship and aircraft)

Air-land Speech System

Synchronous monitoring, intelligent analysis and real-time warning through leading acoustics and speech technology to ensure service quality, improve efficiency and improve ATC safety capability and efficiency

AI Digital Human Entertainment

Multi-mode interactive virtual digital human technology, comparable to human, life services, audio and video entertainment, information query, todo, voice chat, household appliances control, multimedia communication and other services based on digital human interaction such as APP and applet

Intelligent Speech Dispatching

Quick query scheduling ATC big screen and big data content through the speech command, support dual identity authentication of voice print and face, support AI digital infrared temperature measurement, smart office, smart elevator and other intelligent park equipment linkage and create the integrated smart park and ATC experience

Intelligent Noise Reduction Cockpit

Actively reduce the noise of the aircraft seat through the AI technology to protect users from noise

Exclusive Personalized Customized Services

Identify the gender, age and identity of the speaker through the built-in VPR technology and provide personalized interactive services according to the identification results

Deploy the Speech AI Private Cloud Platform

The automobile enterprises can not only call various speech interaction capabilities through the platform, but also ensure the security of data and the differentiation of functions through data isolation


  • Leading Acoustic Technology

    The optimized microphone array design for different driving scenarios breaks through the limitation of traditional microphone array size, greatly improves the SNR, significantly improves the signal processing effect, and improves the user experience

  • Industry's Leading Algorithm Engine

    Support conversational voiceprint acquisition, and provide voiceprint verification independent of free-speaking text, with good short speech robustness

  • Full-link Speech Interaction Products

    Integrate more than 100 available vehicle speech skills of SoundAI, support VPR, multi-register, offline interaction, dialect recognition, in-vehicle customer service, shortcut commands, OTA upgrade and other capabilities and provide a full set of intelligent speech support for automobile enterprises

  • More Precise Services

    Deeply operate the vehicle-mounted system, promote the in-vehicle de-APP, and build the service scenarios. Predict the customer demands through data analysis, scenario mining, etc., precisely push the services to the target population, form active and effective service ecology and actively meet various needs of the passengers in vehicle in real time

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