Business Challenges

Large Community Security Hazard

Many visitors, outside personnel and vehicles result in difficult recognition and gradually prominent community security risks

Fragmentation of Application Equipment

Access control, lighting, parking management and other subsystems cannot connect information, share data, and work together

High Management and Operation Cost

Traditional communities lack intelligent perception ability, and the operation cost is high

Poor Community Service Experience

Failure of the property management company to timely find service problems, low service efficiency, poor quality, and few value-added service resources

Not Timely Information Transmission

Low property notification rate, easily causing poor information transmission effect and failure of the owners to timely receive important information

Difficult Community Governance

Decentralized governance lacks pertinency, and the efficiency of social public services needs to be improved


Featured Functions

Smart Travel

Achieve smooth parking lot and fast parking experience through unmanned and centralized management and other means

Smart Home

Create the home of personality belonging to yourself with the core of speech (language and voiceprint) and visual (face and posture) interaction

Smart Health

Realize remote consultation and establish electronic archives through remote audio and video, and remote information exchange, so as to help the public health

Smart Business Circle

Effectively integrate various services in the business circle to help the business complex provide users with more convenient, affordable and personalized experience

Intelligent Security

One-button linkage command, pre-set emergency plan, rapid response and disposal of emergencies, to ensure the safety of people and things in the community

Smart Operation

Unified management and control of people and things in the community, integrating payment, property notice and repair report to the convenience and benefit of period and management


  • Flexible Access

    Support the rapid access and integrated supervision of third-party devices and systems, realize the intelligent linkage among various subsystems of the community, and provide support for the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of property management

  • Safety Management

    Intelligent monitoring of people, vehicles and events in the community, making community management safer and services more convenient

  • Efficiency Improvement

    Improve the level of community information management, unify the community IoT data, and improve the social production efficiency

  • Social Governance

    Improve community functions, connect with relevant government departments and enhance the comprehensive governance and service capacity of communities

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