Business Challenges

Growing demand for smart habitation

The real estate industry faces upgrading and transformation

Many but scattered equipment types

Traditional home appliances are in urgent need of smart upgrading

Our Solutions

Module Development Board

Various sizes and specifications suitable for different product shapes, encapsulated intelligent speech capability and low application threshold

Intelligent Panel

Front-end noise reduction, voice wake-up, online/offline ASR, semantic comprehension, speech synthesis and speech control

Intelligent Switch

Support speech control, intelligent scenario and automation control based on SoundAIAzero AI interaction system

Intelligent Speaker

A number of finished speakers optional, equipped with SoundAI Azero AI interaction system to help quickly create exclusive products

Intelligent STB

Integrated SoundAIAzero AI interaction system for voice wake-up, ASR, semantic comprehension and other technologies in TV scenarios

Smart TV

Provide intelligent speed interaction and content services for most TV products on the market based on SoundAIAzero AI interaction system

Smart Projector

Integrate exclusively optimized technologies such as noise reduction and wake-up, scenarized ASR and TTS and realize all operations through one sentence

Intelligent Closestool

Integrate offline and online intelligent interaction mode and provide speech control function

Intelligent Toothbrush

Support speech control to enjoy brushing instruction, dental health monitoring, oral health management and other functional services


  • IoT Control

    Realize intelligent speech control of IoT devices such as access control, air conditioner, bathroom, water heater, refrigerator, curtain, lighting, TV, alarm clock, etc

  • Rich Skill Services

    Provide more than 200 services including information query, audio and video entertainment, addressing navigation and schedule reminder

  • Mature One-stop Solution

    Rapid implementation and customized development of mature solution, rapid realization of intelligence

  • Smooth Intelligent Interaction

    360° barrier-free wake-up, accurate ASR and natural speech interaction experience

  • Personalized Customization

    Support personalized customization of wake-up words and timbre and create exclusive products

  • Intelligent Semantic Analysis

    Accurate analysis of user intent and intelligent feedback of content and services

Solutions for Your Business

Intelligent Real Estate
Intelligent Community
Intelligent Apartment

Client Stories

CUCC Xiaoyi Fairy Smart Speaker with Screen
Emdoor Smart Speaker with Screen
Baidu Xiaodu Smart Speaker
Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker
Huawei AI Speaker Mini
CMCC Smart Speaker S1/Mini S1
Huawei AI Speaker
Huawei Honor YOYO AI Speaker
MI Xiaoai AI Speaker HD
MI AI Speaker
MI Xiaoai AI Speaker Mini
Lenovo smart speaker
Lenovo smart speaker
Alibaba Magic Box
Xiaomi mural TV Soundbar
MI Smart Projector Pro 2
MI Smart Laser Projector
JMGO 9 Smart Theater Projector
JMGO J7S Smart Theater Projector
JMGO G7S Smart Theater Projector
CMCC Hejiawang Home Security Camera
360 Xiaoshuidi Smart Camera
360 Dashuidi Smart Camera
Wanjiaan Child Care Tripod Head Camera
Huawei tablet M5 / M5 Lite
Huawei Tablet M6
Mi Smart Translator
Langogo Smart Translator
MI Tiny Mu Smart Toilet Seat
P&G Electric Toothbrush Base
Owatis Smart Mirror
Tencent Intelligent Robot Daji/Lvbu/Liubei/Sun Shangxiang
360 Children Robot
360 Smart Story Machine
Vanke V-PAD
Aiello Switch Pannel

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