Business Challenges

Single service types and urgent need to create characteristic advantages

Long service distance, easy to cause customer dissatisfaction

High operating costs and urgent need to improve management efficiency

Featured Functions

Hotel Version Custom Speaker

Smart speaker and smart speaker with screen for hotel and apartment, audio and video interaction, provide exclusive capability such as room control, customer service, information inquiry and so on

Microphone Array Module

Including a variety of microphone array schemes including ring 4-microphone, ring 6-microphone, linear 4-microphone, linear 6-microphone, etc., it is suitable for rooms of different hotel

Intelligent ASR

The customized engine for the hotel industry, combined with the machine learning, is updated continuously and iteratively to effectively support conversation with the occupants in the hotel scenarios and to provide the occupants with relaxed and convenient hotel experience

Rich Content Service

With the Azero intelligent system, it can provide more than 200 services for choice, including IoT control and audio and video entertainment and can support customized exclusive skills

Multi-device Multi-scene Support

Realize integrated scenario solution of hardware + software + resources for different time periods and scenarios combined with multiple devices to provide appropriate scenario mode services for the occupants and improve the occupancy experience

Data Mining Analysis

Analyze the consumer behavior habits, output the hotel operation report and provide the hotel decision basis through the exclusive big data capability of SoundAI based on the occupant device record and other sensor device data


  • Smooth Intelligent Speech Interaction

    Industry-leading intelligent speed interaction solution to improve the service efficiency

  • More Value-added Services

    Provide online shopping and radiate to the surrounding business districts

  • Reduce Operating Cost

    Equipment IoT to reduce comprehensive energy consumption of the hotels; service automation to reduce labor cost

  • Improve Service Efficiency

    One-sentence achievement of self-service check-in and room service, and automatic door-to-door service

Solutions for Your Business

Hotel Industry
Elderly Care Industry
Real Estate Industry

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