Recognize voice features, mainly used in user portrait analysis, chat applications, entertainment applications and other scenarios. By judging the gender and age of the speaker, it is convenient to classify users and follow-up content recommendation and user matching

Featured Functions

  • Recognize Different Accents

    Classify voices through neural network, compare voiceprint characteristics, judge the gender characteristics of the speaker, and deal with various accents

  • Real-time Recognition

    Judge the user's voiceprint characteristics in real time, and get the user's age and gender information in real time

Solutions for Your Business

User Profile Analysis

User voice information received through various channels, analyze the user's audio characteristics, and obtain age and gender information for constructing user profiles

Entertainment Applications

Analyze the user's audio to obtain the user's age and gender characteristics, add tags to the users, and push entertainment interactions based on the tags

Chat Application

Add tags to users based on the audio uploaded by users to perform accurate social matching

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