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Support ASR of English, French, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and others

Minority Languages

Support ASR of uygur, Tibetan and others


  • High Recognition Rate

    Small language and minority language recognition rate is more than 90%

  • Anti-noise

    Denoising by use the cloud and great robustness in noisy scene

  • High Scalability

    Support a variety of network protocols, including WebSocket, MRCP, etc., for flexible selection

  • Secure and Reliable

    Supports secure transport protocols such as WSS, SIPS and SRTP to protect users' privacy and in-depth customization

  • Model Customization

    Exclusive acoustic models and language models can be customized for customers according to business scenarios

  • Privatization

    Support privatization deployment to ensure data security

Solutions for Your Business

Mobile assistant
Call center(customers service)
Customer service quality inspection
Sensitive words monitoring

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