SoundPi Cube AI Development Magic Box
SoundPi Cube AI Development Magic Box
Deeply adapted software and hardware integration magic box to help you quickly implement AI capabilities
performance silicon microphones
module diameter
output power
recognition distance
SoundPi Cube intelligent development magic box is equipped with SoundAIAzero AI interaction system and integrated with the core algorithms such as beam forming, sound localization, noise suppression, reverberation elimination, echo cancellation, voice wake-up, endpoint detection, ASR, semantic comprehension, speech synthesis and natural language processing to help the developers quickly achieve smooth and natural intelligent speech interaction experience

Solutions for Your Business

Intelligent Speech Products

Such as robot, STB and in-vehicle

Smart Home Products

Such as TV, refrigerator and air conditioner

Intelligent Manufacturing

Such as industrial IoT and rail transit

Industry Application Demonstrations

Such as electrical energy and marine engineering

SoundPi Mini Board AI Development Kit
SoundPi Mini Board AI Development Kit
Integrated hardware and software development kit, available immediately
Modular package, providing mass production of intelligent upgrade solutions
Flexible microphone array design, including 2-microphone, 4-microphone and 8-microphone
Provide leading AI algorithms, such as noise suppression, echo cancellation and sound localization and support far-field voice wake-up, far-field ASR, far-field speech synthesis, natural language processing and offline command word wakeup

Solutions for Your Business

Smart Speaker
White Household Appliances
Conference Meeting

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