Based on the tree model and the neural network model, the wrong fragments in the text are identified, the error prompts are given, and the correct suggested text content is given

Featured Functions

  • High Recognition Accuracy

    Combining the respective advantages of the tree model and the neural network model, while ensuring the accuracy of error correction, the recognition accuracy is improved

  • Accumulation of Diversified Data

    Not only contains common homonyms, miscellaneous characters and other error correction data, but also accumulates ASR speech recognition easy to recognize errors such as flat tongue, polyphonic characters and other error correction data

  • Strong Stability

    Training samples based on error correction data in a variety of scenarios to ensure the stability of the algorithm in complex and changeable scenarios

Solutions for Your Business

Writing Coaching

Integrate multiple resources, provide a knowledge base for semantic search, and provide a comprehensive introduction to search entities

Search Error Correction

The user will have input errors when searching. The text error correction module can automatically correct the user's search query and provide search results that are more in line with the user's intentions

ASR Error Correction

Embedded text error correction module in the dialogue management system can automatically correct typos in the speech recognition process, effectively improve the accuracy of speech recognition and enhance user experience

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