Based on face detection, analysis and comparison technology in pictures, providing independent service modules such as key point detection, positioning, face attribute recognition and face search and comparison

Functional characteristics

  • Key Point Detection and Positioning

    Accurately locate the key point coordinates of facial features and contours, including 150 key points such as face contour, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, etc

  • Face Searching

    Given a photo, compare N faces in the face database, perform a 1:N search, find the most similar face or faces, and return the similarity score

  • Face Comparison

    Compare the similarity of two faces and calculate the similarity score. Used to analyze the possibility of being the same person

Solutions for Your Business

Identity Verification

The smart device is turned on and unlocked, and if a child is recognized, the child protection mode is automatically activated


Real-time monitoring of students, faculty, and strangers to prevent unidentified outsiders from entering

Accurate Advertisement Placement

Through face recognition, it can accurately analyze the distribution of gender, age and other characteristics of the audience in real time, and accurately place advertisements

Beauty Special Effects

By accurately positioning key points on the face, you can customize the specific position of the face to beautify the face, and obtain facial attribute information such as expressions and emotions to achieve interactive entertainment functions such as special effects cameras and dynamic stickers

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