Our Products

Personnel Identification

Support gender, age, clothing, crowd density, etc., identification rate is over 90%

Behavior Recognition

Support cross boundary recognition, path restoration, staff aggregation, wandering detection, abnormal behavior, etc

Item Identification

Identification of clothing, jewelry, items, animals, etc

Environmental Identification

Flame identification, water accumulation identification and road obstacle identification


  • Leading Technology

    Advanced algorithm, cloud platform advantage and support various identification scene customization

  • High Precision

    The precision of low pixel monitoring network environment is leading in China

  • Strong Compatibility

    RTSP compatible transport protocol and no additional hardware installation required

  • High Cost Performance

    Low bandwidth, low computing power and cost saving

Solutions for Your Business


Monitoring security in key areas, early warning of abnormal behavior of personnel in the park, unknown personnel at night, fire alarm, water-ponding etc

Smart campus

Personnel management, early warning of personnel gathering on campus, etc

Traffic management

Face access control, parking management, vehicle violation warning, etc

Kitchen Management

Kitchen area operation compliance monitoring (chef hat, clothing, mask, gloves, etc.), rat detection, trash bin standard detection, etc

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