Machine Translation

Support 200 languages and integrate three major technical capabilities of speech recognition, text translation and speech synthesis. Translate speech and text into target language in real time, and supports intertranslation of more than 200 languages such as English, French and Spanish

Featured Functions

  • Excellent Effect

    Professional intertranslation level and quick response of the translation results within 800ms

  • Minority Language Support

    Support intertranslation of more than 200 languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and Russian with Chinese

  • High Recognition Accuracy

    Advanced recognition technology, integrated with high level of sound localization, multi-microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation technology of SoundAI, achieving the recognition accuracy rate of more than 98%

Solutions for Your Business

Travel Abroad

Assist in the translation needs of travel abroad, barrier-free travel and communication with foreigners

Oral Learning

Assist in daily social communication, reading, foreign language learning, etc

Business Negotiation

Assist in business communication and accurately translate the conference content

Industry Conferences

Simultaneous interpretation using machines and real-time translation of the conference content into the corresponding language

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