Provides voice automatic detection technology, used for language learning, the main use scenarios are: English test, Putonghua test preparation exercises, auxiliary teaching, K12 education software, etc., through multi-dimensional assessment of voice, timely feedback is given to correct learners Provide basis for pronunciation

Featured Functions

  • Chinese & English

    Voice detection can be performed for both Chinese and English, and multi-dimensional evaluation can be performed

  • Pronunciation Ability Assessment

    Score the fluency, completeness, stress and other dimensions of phonemes, characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs

Solutions for Your Business

English Level Test

Automatically evaluate the speech of candidates in the test, and give scores according to the scoring standards of different exams

Auxiliary Teaching

Students’ voices are tested in the classroom, and evaluated the fluency, completeness, stress, rising and falling tones and phoneme pronunciation of students’ words are fed back to help teachers correct students’ pronunciation

K12 Language Software

Real-time evaluation of the user's pronunciation, and the results are fed back to the user through scoring, color, symbol mark, etc., so that the user can correct the pronunciation

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