Support multilingual VPR,Through voice recognition of the speaker's identity, authority management and personalized services are realized, which are widely used in public security, financial insurance, attendance systems, access control systems and other scenarios

Featured Functions

  • Self-defined Text for VPR

    Users can independently select the phrase content required for voiceprint registration, and complete the voiceprint recognition process by speaking the registered text content

  • Number of People

    You can determine whether the speakers are different voices, determine the number of speakers, and determine whether they meet the specifications

  • Living Body Detection

    Detect whether the speaker is a normal living body, non-recorded and other abnormal human voices

  • Instant Recognition

    Extremely short response time, the user experience has no sense of delay

Solutions for Your Business

Financial & Insurance

In areas with high security requirements such as banks and securities, you can verify your identity through voiceprint recognition to help users complete registration and password retrieval, remote login, identity verification and other operations

Public Security

Provide VPR for public security and judicial institutions, apply VPR to determine the identity of criminal suspects, effectively deter and crack down on telecommunication network illegal crimes

Attendance System

When attending, the audio is used for VPR, supplemented by other biometrics, to determine the identity of the person who punched in, and effectively prevent the punching-in

Access Control System

Perform VPR on audio, supplemented by other biometrics, and unlock after personal identity verification

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