One of the industry's top wake-up technologies, real-time response, allowing the machine to hear human commands, support double-name wake-up, offline voice wake-up, anti-noise voice wake-up, voiceprint authentication wake-up, Open AEC wake-up, etc., customizable wake-up words, shortcut commands The awakening rate of far-field speech is over 95%

Featured Functions

  • Duel-wake

    There can be two wake-up words, and any one of them can be used to wake up the product and perform indiscriminate operation, which can realize the linkage between the expansion of smart speakers and smart home appliances

  • Free-cut

    Allows the speaker to immediately respond to new wake-ups at any time, terminate the current task, perform new tasks, and achieve continuous and repeated wake-ups without waiting for the machine interval

  • OpenAEC

    Enables smart speakers, TVs, set-top boxes and other products to be interrupted at any time when playing audio and video content, achieving accurate keyword spotting and ASR

  • AKS

    In response to large noise in complex environments, it solves the problems of difficult wake-up, slow wake-up, and high wake-up error rate

Solutions for Your Business

Smart Speaker
Intelligent STB/ Smart TV/Smart Projector
Intelligent Robot
Smart Earphone

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